SANAT SAZAN SPADANA was established in 1997 and started its activities by using experts’ potentiality in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial gearboxes. At first its industrial experience was about designing Multi Spindles and machine tools. , by studying needs of various industrial sectors, finding the sensitive and notable place of Gearboxes. The products are offered to the markets by the name of ASIA GEARBOX. Since the industries needs are divers and widespread, in this part we started with designing and manufacturing coaxial gearboxes by the name of MAS/MAC that are the especial type of parallel gearboxes . One of the unique features of this type is that not only utilize the helical gears that have good operation but also is using flanged motor coupling to gearboxes. Now this type of gearbox with the size of 20 to 90 is available.

At second step, company entered to the field of parallel gearbox with higher power that is more than 50 kW by the name of RAP series. This type of gearbox with the size of 70 to 130 is now available.  

At the third step, this company entered to the bevel-helical gearboxes field, this type of gearbox is one of the best quality power transitions systems in the world and uses in different part of steel, oil & petro chemistries and power transmission systems industries. Our experts by compounding spiral bevel and helical gears attain to new product that named RAO series. Its cases are the same as RAP series that can be replaced with that type.

The other type of useful designed and produced gearboxes, are KZA series in sizes of 125 up to 320. And PLANETRY gearbox is the new product of ASIA GEARBOX.